29 Apr

People used to go to work to feed their family. The income gap was indifferent. We had social class. The race is on. It seems everyone wants it all. All is what? What is wealth? Is it money in the bank? Is it peace in your heart, knowing that someone above us all has this globe under control, in a world that seems to be falling apart, our charter of rights seems to be misinterpreted. What is our problem? Is it the reasonableness and the nature of the human heart. Live your own life and purpose people. Find your own gifts and talents and use them, as you have been given and learned. We all have our own. I have mine and you have yours. Jesus spoke of this in the parable of the talents. Thus, a responsibility as such. Is it a money problem, today. Or is it rather a human heart condition. Jesus said, “Come unto me all you that are heavy laden and I will give you rest…..” Dear Heavenly Father, restore your people back to a love for you, and turn our hearts from the love of this world. Let us love one another as you, first loved us. Amen ccw

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