09 Mar

The balance of life is sometimes more than any of us can handle.  Making time for work, play and social and the daily routines that need to be kept up seem to know no end.  Laying all things aside, it is time to lay aside some time to get back to work on the unfinished piece.

"Tia" is not the sequel to "Madi's Prayer" but rather another novel of a woman of faith. Tia, orphaned at a young age learns to cope with the help of the neighbor family. Tia knows the life of a small town. Now she must choose what she wants for her life, alone. She is torn from going to another land of her parents' birth to live with her Grammy, or stay in the town with the people she knows and love.  Tia needs to find herself in this world. It is with the help of her best friends Matt, Julian and Tara she is able to do this.  Then Tia meets Madi. Madi becomes a spiritual friend to Tia. Together they learn of the greatness of God and what God wants for her life.  Tia and Matt's trip to Canada becomes eventful but now they must return home to face their own life.

Heavenly Father, 

I thank you for this life that you have given me.  I ask for your provisions in my life to sustain all that you have called me to and have placed upon my heart for this season.  Give me the strength to do the things that I need to. Bless the work of my hands. I ask that the readers of my books will come to understand you and your love. 


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