18 May

Writing can often times feels like a life of solidarity. Maybe it is solidarity that I need at the moment. A time to regain my thoughts, and enjoy the moment of peace within my four walls.  I thank you God, that you give me opportunities and moments such as these. God give me strength every day to endure this race. Help me to grow and understand the full purpose of this gift that is within me. God give me the words to speak. I want others to find and see a strength of character and humility in the characters of each book that reciprocates your will for our lives every day. Lead me into your path for my life. Heavenly father, bless my enemies and those that curse me. Bless those that need you the most, all of those that never knew you that need to know you.  Bring them all in from the field of sin. Bless our leaders in the world, today and bring them all into your will for their lives that they, too can come to know you as you are. AMEN 

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