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Hi, Nice To Meet You

I was born and raised in rural Alberta. I grew to enjoy my time with God; walking, singing and praying in the picturesque scenes of our province, and country. I love the mountains, the rivers and trees. I have a learned respect for the animal kingdom and all that our God has created. I grew to see humanity as one, there is no race or color in the love of Jesus Christ, we are one body in him.
I give thanks to God for all he has taught and showed me through the study of his word. I take his word literal, careful to make known the era with which it is written, studying to know for whom it was written to at the time.
I believe the holy Bible to be the written word of God, inspired by men and women of old. God today, inspires men and women to share with his people. It is up to each one of us to study to show ourselves approved and acceptable to God. When you read his word, or anything for that matter, let it witness with your spirit. Keep your heart and your mind pure and clean that you may know and hear God’s voice.
The past 2020/2021 season has given me the opportunity to publish my first books.
Meet Baxter and Alexa and friends my debut children’s series.
Baxter shares with his friend, Alexa the stuff that his mama has taught him from the Bible. Baxter shares basic Godly love and kindness to children all over the world. Baxter shares why we ought to give thanks and how to live by faith according to God’s holy word. Baxter and Alexa join in to tell the story of creation in the beginning. Throughout, each of the books you will meet up with Red, the robin and Blue, the blue jay.
Soon, you will meet Nia, the goat kid and Levi, the Lamb.
The 7x7 paperback editions are the original production. Now available in 7x7 Image wrap hardcover edition, available from Calgary, Alberta. I have created an 8x10 activity edition in the four books, also available from Calgary, Alberta.
The 8x10 young readers editions are available in an image wrap hardcover edition.
Extra items are available in pre-assembled characters (9) for non activity editions.
Madi’s Prayer is soon to be released the end of January 2022, in 6x9 paperback and image wrap hardcover editions and EBOOK.
Madi's Song is in the development process.
Emma’s Storytime, a collection of four books to be released the end of 2022 in paperback and image wrap hardcover editions.
My prayer is they bring joy to Christian children and families, and less fortunate all over the world, in this time that we live.
May God’s love and mercies surround us all in this day.
Candace C Wells