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Welcome to Candace C Wells Author website. Discover the world of captivating stories and powerful imagination. With a writing style that will transport you to different worlds, Candace C Wells is an author who will leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind. Dive into the pages of her books and get ready to embark on unforgettable journeys.

About the Author
Letter to my readers;

I am the author and illustrator of Meet Baxter and Alexa and friends, my debut books. And two novels, Madi's Prayer and Tia.

The book genre is real-life drama with Godliness, faith, inspiration, endurance, and purity.

I love to share and encourage others to walk in their own gifts and talents. Be the authentic you! Find your path wherever it may lead in the way that you need. Trust God and pray. Rely on good mentorship, leadership, and education. God will hear you when you pray. We all face the same hardships each and every day. Each day is a new day.

I grew up on a Central Alberta farm in a multicultural family. I am not shy about hard work, early mornings, and late nights. I have worked in many industries and endured many personalities. I, now, have the opportunity to work remotely with a great firm. In due time, good things will come if we endure by faith.

I have traveled to the Western Canadian provinces and many USA states as a young person for family, fun, and church events. I have loved and I have lost but have never lost my love for God or faith.

Endurance is a character of faith.

Delight thyself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Candace W

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Expected ETA Meeting Miss TIlda -- End of 202425 Sep 2023Strathmore, AB, Canada
Miss Tilda's slipper has been found!15 Sep 2023Strathmore, AB, Canada
Can you help Miss Tilda find her missing slipper?01 Sep 2023Strathmore, AB, Canada
Tia Trade Book 6x915 Aug 2023Strathmore, AB, Canada
Journal Pages 6x9 Trade Books02 Oct 2022Strathmore, AB, Canada
Madi's Prayer Trade Book 6x902 May 2022Strathmore, AB, Canada
Meet Baxter and Alexa and friends Activity Books 8x1002 May 2022Strathmore, AB, Canada
Meet Baxter and Alexa and friends 7x7 Premium Books02 May 2022Strathmore, AB, Canada
Meet Baxter and Alexa and friends Trade Books 6x902 May 2022Strathmore, AB, Canada

 When I read this book, I felt like a little girl with family who can support a lot of unhappy problems, yet they came through with their faith in God. Grammy was the one to help them with their problems to figure them out. 

Teresa SBook buyer

 Madi's Prayer is the story of a young lady who has chosen to live a simple lifestyle, guided by her Lord she strives to live a life of purity in this world and in all her relationships. Written in simple language with meaningful truths woven throughout it is a welcome message for readers of all ages! 

Terry MBook buyer

 Take a peek inside Madi's life as she navigates young adulthood. When faced with choices, she prays for guidance and confidently moves forward with the support of good Christian friends. 

Rebecca FBook buyer

 Madi’s Prayer was thought provoking and her journey in life’s decisions was captivating 

Kuen CBook buyer

 Really beautiful story, written with pure heart by Candace, as I would say and recommend "A Must Read." 

Salman TBook buyer

 Kindness, great customer service and a very passionate lady, great books and at a very reasonable price .... certainly recommend doing business with her 

Roger OBook buyer of the Meet Baxter and Alexa set of books

 Orphaned TIA has been lovingly raised by her guardians, Anna and Harold. Their son, Matt, is Tia's supportive companion. As Tia enters young adulthood, making prayerful decisions about her future, will her cherished friendship with Matt become something more? 

Becky FBook buyer

more than just books!

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